Nail Design

A purple flower beside a hand with nails painted in purple, white and colourful dot pattern

Creative nail art in Wakefield

In addition to manicures and pedicures, F & F Hairdressing Ltd offers a range of other nail care services including nail design, acrylic nails, gel nails and Gel FX nails. We also stock a range of nail care and beauty products in our salon such as Nailtiques and Orly Gel FX.

Beautiful acrylic and gel nails

Now you can explore the world of nail art with our range of nail services such as: 
  • Nail designs 
  • Acrylic nails 
  • Gel nails 
  • Gel FX nails
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Nails with leopard print pattern
A hand with shiny ebony nails, holding a bottle of black nail polish

Excellent nail care products

If you have a particular design that you like, talk to our resident nail art specialist at t F & F Hairdressing Ltd to get exactly what you want. We also stock leading brands of nail care and beauty products in our salon such as Nailtiques and Orly Gel FX. Take a look at our price list for the various nail services that we offer.
Wedding packages

Prices start from:

For impressive nail art, creative nail designs, and expert manicures and pedicures, call F & F Hairdressing Ltd in Wakefield on 01924 369 507
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