Chemical Straightening

A smiling young lady with long light-brown hair

Safe chemical hair straightening treatments

Do you want a sleek hairstyle but your curly hair doesn't allow for one? F & F Hairdressing Ltd offers safe and effective chemical straightening treatments for both short and long hair.

Chemical straightening experts

Our chemical straightening experts at F & F Hairdressing Ltd can help you fulfil your dream of sporting a sleek hairstyle. A prior consultation is required to get the best possible result. During the consultation we will determine the cost and time required for the treatment as this depends on how curly the customer's hair is, hair strength and hair thickness.
Hair straightening appointment
Naturally curly hair, before and after straightening
Wet hair with a conditioning treatment on it

Hot and cold methods of hair straightening

F & F Hairdressing Ltd stocks and uses the much sought after Matrix Opti Smooth range of products for hair straightening. We will opt for hot method or cold method depending on the curliness, thickness and strength of your hair. We also offer hair extensions for those customers who prefer long and elaborate hairstyles.
Raccoon hair extensions
To get safe chemical straightening done for short and long hair in Wakefield, call our hair straightening experts at F & F Hairdressing Ltd today on 01924 369 507
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